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Help us spread the love

We strongly believe that the best way to warm your heart is by sharing with with others... even if the recipient has four legs and a ton of fur! February is such an important fundraising month for us and we use the opportunity to raise money and awareness for something that plagues shelter animals each and every day... heartworm.

What is heartworm? The large worm is a parasite spread through mosquito bites. The worms form infections in the arteries of dogs and cats, ultimately leading to problems in major organs and resulting in death, if left untreated.

Heartworm suvivor, Pete Jr.

According to the most recent American Heartworm Society Incidence Map, Tennessee ranks in the top 10 states for heartworm disease. Prevention is critical to your pet's health.  Because the animals of MCAS come in from all sorts of environments, heartworm is prevalent in the shelter. All of the money we raise in February goes towards treating these animals so they get their second chance at a good life.

Below are a couple of fun ways we're raising money. You can also click the button to skip the games and make a donation!

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