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Close up of dog's face as it lays in a grassy area


Consider the effect

We understand that circumstances change, leaving someone unable to care for his/her pet. Before surrendering, please consider the below alternatives, which will create less stress for your pet and your local shelter.


Try re-homing your pet on your own

Use social media, print flyers, and tell your friends. Finding the right home for your pet will require patience, which will benefit them in the long run.


Have your pet spayed/neutered

Doing this will not only make your pet more desirable to adopters, it will also help reduce the number of homeless animals in the community


Consult with a behaviorist/trainer

Surrendering is often due to bad pet behavior, such as being destructive – which could be easily resolved by exercising your pet more often. No matter the situation, a trainer may be able to provide you solutions to curb any bad habits.

If you've exhausted your options and still find yourself needing to surrender your pet, please contact Maury County Animal Services directly.

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